Wolcen.dev is a character planner for wolcengame.com

Currently you can plan your passive points and get a summary of the stats. You choose active skills and their modifiers.
Changelog: v2.0: - Fix broken import for large builds. Please contact me in Discord if you cannot import your build because it was too large. v1.9: - Discord link fix v1.8: - Further description corrections (please help us in Discord) - Shortcut for search (CTRL+F) v1.7: - Description corrections (first steps) v1.6: - Change stats to text boxes to save some mouse buttons v1.5: - UI update - Right panel hiding - Skill images in character sheet - Tree zoom and navigation fixes v1.4: - Active skill images v1.3: - Initial support for active skills - Import export with modifiers works - Tooltips and stats are missing v1.2: - Auto scaling for large screens - Menu size for large screens v1.1: - Build Name input fixed v1.0: - Improved sharing UX v0.9: - Support for large monitors v0.8: - Sum all passive effects v0.7: - Save ring rotations on export - Option to hide left panel v0.6: - Styling - Fixes for very large monitors (rich people...) v0.5: - Massive performance improvement v0.4: - Initial support for character stats (export/import only for now) - Hide tooltip if curser leaves node - Added changelog :) v0.3: - All rings are now included - Ring rotations - Visual search update - Share your build in the forums or social media - Import builds - Overview of passive effects
Wolcen.dev is a character planner for wolcengame.com. Most of the functionality is only available in modern browsers and requires Javascript and WebGL enabled. Please try updating or use a different browser or enable Javascript.